Standard Chartered launches credit card for travellers

The standard chartered world miles credit card was launched in the marquee hall of the Marriot hotel Karachi. When I first stepped on to the marquee platform, there was an altogether different feel to the event from the moment you stepped onto the floor. It was no ordinary event for no ordinary man. It was the event and card for the elite class of our society. An opening was made by the levitating man who made his way to Pakistan from Colombo. Followed by that was a magnificent performance and then there was a briefing from their CEO Mr.Shahzad dada. The ambiance of the event communicated their message that this card is for the elite class of Pakistan for people who travel frequently and this card’s sole function was to accommodate them. A magnificent event that was organized for a magnificent card.

Recognising the rising travel trend amongst Pakistanis, Standard Chartered Bank today unveiled its new credit card offering – Standard Chartered WorldMiles Card. The new credit card is targeted at frequent travellers and travel enthusiasts alike.

“Travel is a preferred leisure activity, and we see this growing amongst Pakistanis as air travel become more affordable and accessible.” said Shazad Dada, Chief Executive Officer, Standard Chartered Pakistan. “With robust growth in air travel, business and leisure travellers have become a key segment. We believe that our customers will benefit from the Standard Chartered WorldMiles card and enjoy its extensive rewards.”

Commenting on the launch Naseer Hasan, Head of Retail Clients said, ““This is the one card that you would love to have. We want to be the main bank to customers and this new card is a critical component of our Retail business startgey. At Standard Chartered, we focus on fulfilling customers’ needs by providing the right solutions, with technology as the enabler; we will deliver faster, simpler and more convenient services. This customer-focused model has become the heart of our strategy, enabling our business to further grow whilst enhancing our customers’ banking experiences.”