Style 360 aims to achieve a collaboration of programs which are an inspiration for living. The objective is to make Style 360 a household name, a brand which
personifies the lifestyles of all ranks in society. Style 360 aspires to be a significant part of every family whilst infusing glamour, sophistication and insight to
every individual’s perspective of life.

Style 360’s programming revolves around five major categories:

Lifestyle/ Health and Beauty /Art and Culture / Entertainment / Fashion

11-number11 Number
11 Number is a viewer interactive show where we talk to the general public about street fashion, new trends and their own personal style.



Around-townAround Town
Around Town We bring you the latest events, launches, store openings and exhibitions. Keep up to date with the happening in town with Around Town.



art-of-makeupArt Of Make-up
Art of makeup is the inside story on what it takes to look your very best. This show will share beauty tips from the experts and teach you how to really use makeup to
your advantage.



Runway brings you the latest trends and gives you a front row seat at the most glamorous fashion shows so be sure to catch one of the most popular shows on Style360.



shopping-360Shopping 360
Shopping 360 Keep up to date on what new at stores and outlets, without leaving the comfort of your home! Our host will take you to various stores to check out the
latest clothes, accessories and shoes. She shows you what stores have to offer and how to mix and match accessories to build your own unique style. It’s a Style 360
guide to what’s in fashion and where to get it.


snapshotSnap Shot
Snap Shot Have you ever opened a glossy fashion magazine and wondered about how those magical, magnificent designer shoots are carried out? Well, wonder no more.
Style360’s “Snap Shot” takes you on location where this creative activity takes place and where our supermodels, designers, photographers and stylists can be seen in
their very element: glamour! We present you these shoots aesthetically compiled against melodious music for your viewing pleasure.


In-cinema-In Cinema




mzmaMari Zindagi Mera Andaz




t5T 5