Secrets to #FullerHair

If you’ve been probing to know how to get fuller hair then you’re not alone.It’s every woman’s dream to flip and bounce her healthy hair like they do in those TV adverts.So here are a few secrets to hold your head high up- it takes a little effort to know the exact tips for fuller hair.

Secret #1

For fuller looking hair it’s thoroughly important to pick the right combination of both shampoo and conditioner! Opt for the Dove Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo plus Conditionerwith Nutrilock Actives, it works wonders for me! Lather your hair generously with the Dove Hair Fall RescueShampoo,use your finger tips and lightly rub your scalp as this will trigger your hair follicles and therefore promote hair growth. Always follow regime with aconditioner to cover the ends of your hair. Leave in for about two to three minutes and rinse thoroughly.

Dove Image 2

However, be sure you select the ‘right’ Dove product. When going through the aisle make sure you spot the ‘raabta’ logo at the back of the Dove bottle indicating that the formulation is specifically designed for our South Asian hair. Our strands as compared to other Caucasian women are thicker, so Pakistani Dove makes sure each of our teases fully nourished and appear healthy looking.

Secret #2

After washing your hair, why not blow dry your hair upside down? This technique works great for making your hair look fuller. It’s a quick fix which gives your hair an extra blast of volume instantly.

Secret #3

Skip your hairsprays while you’re styling your hair. These products actually weigh your hair down! So keep those bottles in your cupboards. Instead to add volume to your hair, tease it slightly at the crown of your head to give it a fuller look.

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