Nestle’s tribute to Mother’s

Memories and Mothers Mother’s Day season is here which celebrates the importance of Motherhood. A day dedicated to such a cause is like a nice reminder in case we forget, which we should not, that our mother’s deserve appreciation.Well honestly let’s admit one thing; this celebration turns most of us in to Saps. When Mother’s Day comes, we get a little emotional with a sudden urge to call mom up and say, “I LOVE you Mommy,” and listen to her get confused as to why we are interrupting her dinner with an unnecessarily emotional phone call.

A recent series of Mother day tribute videos by Nestle Cerelac is one of those heart warmers this season which makes us remember our mothers and their love. The relationship of a child with their mothers onscreen, when portrayed correctly, always makes a connection with the viewers. The tribute opens up with the mother baking a cake with her daughter. The element of fun of the baking process, then later the festive birthday party is nicely juxtaposed with the intense emotions and happy tears of the mother when she looks at her daughter with tears of joyful pride. The end, where the mother is sleeping and the little girl covers her with a shawl and kisses her, that was the cherry on the top.


Scenarios that are shown in these are relatable and a sense of nostalgia overcomes you. Your first every memory, if you really think hard, is mostly of your mom, how she cared for you, made you feel save.Thatcomfort still remains embedded in your soul and no matter how old you are you will always be her baby. It’s funny that even the times when she scolded you is mostly remembered as a sweet yet funny memory, no harshness is felt, only warmth. The best moments, which I experience even now, with my mother are that no matter how angry she is with me, when I go up to her for a hug she will not push me away, and here I get all misty, because it’s true for many of us. Let’s celebrate mothers. Let’s take Mother’s day as an excuse or reminder, or whatever you may, and make it special for our mothers who deserve it the most. Happy Mother’s Day to all you amazing women out there!