Rehearsals for the PBCW are going Fast & Furious. A huge amount of men are at work making up the arena for the event to let the dreamy 7th PBCW come to life.

The event will spot above 20 leading fashion designers names. HSY who is also the director of the event, and his team is choreographing the entire show. Got a chance to ask a few questions about his upcoming collection, upon which he said, “There is nothing different or new, It’s all a presentation of Glamour & Luxury”.


Also got a chance to meet up with Humayun Alamgir who will be showcasing his men’s couture line on day 2, said that his collection is titled “Suhaag”, it will be comprised of Sherwanis, Kurtas & Khusas containing shades from Whites to Bieges.

The Makeup for the event will be done by Saba Ansari of SABS salon.
The Arena has milky white flooring, gold & white background with windows & mirror slides.

The Rehearsals for all the particular days are done earlier in that day, but a practice of positions, lights, music, turns & stops were done today. All the models and the stage got ready by the evening & then began the ramp rehearsals where HSY monitored models on the ramp. Many surprise show stoppers & dance performances were seen on the event.