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Deepika’s Scent-O-Scope

The sassy long legged beauty, born on January 5th 1986 is a Capricorn. She shares all the traits of a real Capricorn woman – Ambitious, independent, tough, faithful and a natural leader at heart. A Capricorns lofty ambition and inner drive often leaves everyone else behind in the dust, very true in the case of this beautiful Bollywood diva. Her strength lies in the ability to see things in their true light giving her clarity of vision to achieve her dreams.

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Have you ever wondered why there are some scents that appeal to you but other people don’t like? Every zodiac sign has defining characteristics and therefore these qualities play an important role in choosing a fragrance. We can say that people from the same zodiac sign have preferences to certain scents according to their traits and ‘zodiac elements.’ Deepika is a Capricorn and her zodiac element is earth so her fondness is for earthy fragrances like patchouli, lavender, lemon grass, vanilla and coco scents. Once a Capricorn woman has chosen something and it works she tends to stick with it – It is the same for her fragrance. Deepika likes wearing her usual fragrance, which is a blend of floral, earthy and musky tones. Capricorns feel amazing and level-headed when wearing refreshing, bright and clean perfumes. Deepika isn’t fickle at heart as she’s a Capricorn woman who isn’t up for experimenting with different styles, and unlike the Sagittarius woman, she is a firm believer in signature scents. The Capricorn woman needs a perfume that’s sensual yet not too intense, indulging in an overpowering scent is not her style because she’s balanced in her relationships and doesn’t believe in extremes.

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In my opinion, the best fragrance for a Capricorn lady is a blend of easy notes of flowers with fruits; however these compositions should be hardly noticeable and imperceptible. A scent that is subtle and delicate is enough to keep a Capricorn woman feel energized and to uplift her feelings of clarity. Soft florals and creamy earthy woods evoke a sensory experience necessary for the striving and motivated Deepika to aspire her goals. No wonder Deepika is head over heels with the new LUX. Created with moisturizing silk essence and French rose infusions along with faint notes of red fruits and bergamot is a sure concoction to stir up indulgent and alluring feelings.