7 things I hate about summer

The arrival of summer is a cause for celebration for most, but as the long days and balmy nights approach, also comes some of the things we dread about the sunny season.Sure, there are some inconveniences that can be overlooked but the following, well, they can hardly be tolerated!
STINK: Everything in the summer just stinks. Whether it’s nasty sweating people or those strange scents of the city. There are always mystery aromas wafting around us!

TANNED SKIN: If you just had more clothing on, sat in the shade longer, or used a good lotion on your skin like Vaseline Healthy White before going out in the sun, then you wouldn’t be lying sleepless in bed wondering how many days till your skin goes back to normal

PIMPLES: Due to this oiliness and stickiness on the face pimples start to pop out. And in a few days your face is filled with tiny pimples give a very weird look. This isn’t acne, just one of the effects of the summer on our skin
MOSQUITOS: As soon as summers arrive, mosquitos make you the life of their party. You become a total mosquito magnet and combined that with the sweating and the grumpy mood, it’s just horrible

LOAD SHEDDING: The rolling blackouts are unbearable! I need my AC! Heck if I even get my fan working for a day without any interruptions or the need to turn my generator or UPS on every few hours I would consider myself blessed.
NOT BEING ABLE TO ENJOY ANY HOT BEVERAGES: I love tea, it wakes me up it gets me through my day. But when I am already feeling so hot how can I enjoy my cup of tea?
INAPPROPRIATE FOOTWEAR Many people have pretty nasty feet that shouldn’t see the light of day, but come summers everyone wants to sport them at every opportunity.. Also you realize that you have some sort of perverted tan line on your foot from where the strap is.
While I can’t tackle pimples, oiliness on my face, stinky people and insane heat but I can defiantly get rid of uneven skin tone, hard hands and feet thanks to Vaseline Healthy White Lotion.