Taking care of yourself is not that hard as every other woman in our society thinks. Also for women who have the privilege of being the beauty captain for themselves can assume that it is not always easy as well. I mean you need to be very careful about certain things concerning your beauty techniques. For example when do you know is the right time to apply bronzer or foundation, and when to use a natural hair brush or a synthetic? Well, we have picked one of these confusing topics that keep on popping into the minds of many women around us. So ladies! Here is a guide for you to use the most appropriate make up brushes at the right moment.

download (1)The angled liner is used to apply gel eyeliner creating a perfect lined or cat eye. You can also use it to get a stronger eyeliner look with the help of the eyeshadow. But wait! Do dip the brush in water before using it.

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This blending brush is used to mix in all the harsh lines over your eyelids creating a smooth crease. The brush also gives you a soften look coalescing all the louder lines on the eyes.

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This brush with very fine, small and firm hair helps you to give your eyes even a stronger look on the contrary. You can use this brush to define the perfect shape of your eyes both on the top and lower lids of your eyes. This brush can also be used to apply all the shimmery colors right on the very inner corners of your eyes.

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The Cream Eyeshadow Blending brush allows you to smoothen in the desired shadow color on to your eyelids making it last for long.

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Now this is a one of the very useful tools in the eye makeup brushes arsenal. The smudging brush works best to create the perfect smokey eyes look. As soon as you apply the eyeliner on to your lash line, use this brush to smudge it in the very proper way it should be. You can also use this brush to place the right eye product into the lash line to get that perfect tone.

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As soon as you’re done with your eye makeup, don’t ever forget to re-form your eyebrows as well. This is what I have noticed in most of the women around when they forget to even dust off all the powder from the brows. Eyebrow Spoolie is just the thing that you’d ever want to keep in your brushes kit. Always brush upwards and outwards with this spoolie to give a softer and more defined and finished look to your eyebrows.

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The concealer brush is one of the most important one you should always have. The brush helps you conceal all the corners of your face even all the tiniest areas around your nose and eyes.

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Here comes the contouring now. Well contouring is always done with a fluffy brush to apply powder and blush. Why a fluffy brush always? Because this gives the nominal product on the desired area.

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You should always powder your cheeks with a massively fluffed brush for applying the bronzer. The powder brush helps you to apply the perfect stroke on your forehead, cheeks and nose.

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The stipling brush is important for applying foundation and cream blush. This helps you to apply the product and flawlessly blending it with the natural skin tone.

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Last but not the least; this ain’t a brush but works similarly like it. The beauty blender can be used to apply cream blush and foundation. This can be equally used to mix in concealer and layer blushes and cream bronzers.

So move it ladies!!! And buy up these 11 useful brushes to keep yourselves intact to beauty all the time

Zarish Gill

HUM Interactive Department

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