Tevar is a Bollywood action film directed by Amit Sharma and written by Gunasekhar. The film stars Arjun Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha, Manoj Bajpayee and Rajesh Sharma in lead roles. It is a remake of 2003 Telugu Blockbuster Okkadu starring Mahesh Babu. The film released on January 9, 2015 and met with mixed reviews from viewers and critics alike. The movie opened to a below average response at the box office.

Pintoo (Arjun Kapoor) is a young Kabbadi player who goes to factionism-hit Mathura to take part in practice. There, in a twist of fate, he saves Radhika (Sonakshi Sinha) from Gajendar Singh (Manoj Bajpai), a dangerous faction leader, who is in love with Radhika and wants to marry her against her wishes. Pintoo tries to comfort her because Gajendar Singh killed the brother of Radhika. When he saves Radhika, he humiliates Gajendar into taking his pants off. Ganjendar refuses to put them back on until someone finds Radhika and brings her back. Pintoo takes Radhika to his house in Agra and hides her in his room, with the help of his sister, Pinky. Soon his parents find out she is staying with them, after she goes out, worried for Pintoo, when he goes to get her Visa from Mathura. Pintoo’s father (Raj Babbar), a policeman, brings her back to his home, as Radhika is unaware that he is Pintoo’s father. The two run away again and Radhika falls in love with Pintoo. The next day, after taking care of Gajendar and his men, Pintoo and his friends drop Radhika off to the airport, to go to America. Radhika does not want to go, and cries on the way there, seeing as she has fallen in love with Pintoo. They bring her parents to see her one last time before she leaves. After Radhika is past security at the door, Pintoo notices that she left a scarf in the car. He picks it up, and sheds few tears as well, as he realizes he loves Radhika.
She shows up behind him, saying that she waiting for him to stop her. She tells him to tell her she shouldn’t go or else she will go. Pintoo is silent for a little bit, and Radhika mistakes this as refusal. She turns to go, but he calls her back and they reunite with a hug. In a turn of events, Pintoo’s father and Gajendar show up at the scene. Pintoo’s father arrests Pintoo and Gajendar takes Radhika away. While under Gajendar’s jurisdiction, Radhika taunts him over the “pant” bit and the fact that Pintoo will come for her and that she loves Pintoo, not him. Gajendar goes to the jail and cancels his report on Pintoo and asks Pintoo to come with him. PIntoo’s father tries to stop him, for his safety, but Pintoo tells him that he promised him to do his work completely. Now that’s he’s in love, he should complete it. Here, Pintoo and his father solve their relationship, when Pintoo’s father expresses that he’s not worried Pintoo will come home for dinner hurt, he’s worried for Gajendar.
Gajendar and his men get Pintoo injured in front of the whole town and decide to attack him. The Home Minister, who is the reason Gajendar has not gotten in trouble, tells him to stop making a scene and ruining his political party, but Gajendar does it anyway. Gajendar gets further angered when he sees how much Radhika loves Pintoo and begins to beat Pintoo. It becomes a fair fight, then Gajendar sees Radhika crying out for Pintoo’s safety. Enraged, he pulls out a knife and stabs Pintoo and Pintoo falls to the ground. Radhika tries to run to him, crying out his name, but Gajendar drags her away, just as Pintoo gets up , picking up the scarf that Radhika dropped. He ties it around his waist and walks toward Gajendar and fights and defeats his men. He also fights Gajendar and defeats him, until Gajendar gets back up, with a gun. He is shot down by Kakdi, his own right-hand man, who actually worked for the Home Minister. Pintoo and Radhika reunite and go home.

Arjun Kapoor as Ghanshyam Shukla (Pintoo)
Sonakshi Sinha as Radhika Joshi
Manoj Bajpayee as Gajender Singh
Rajesh Sharma as Mahender Singh (Home Minister)
Subrat Dutta as Kakdi
Raj Babbar as S.P Shukla.
Shruti Hassan in item song “Madamiyan”

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